Tuesday, July 24, 2018

How to remedy the non-digitally signed driver issue with AirMagnet and Windows 10

If you’re a WLAN Engineer, you likely have a lot of Wireless tools in your arsenal.  At the last wireless conference I went to, I took the CWAP course, and we installed Omnipeek on our laptops.  Many of us had an issue where we had to configure our laptops to be able to install a driver that was not digitally signed.


One of my tools is AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer.  I have been upgrading my toolbox and decided to install the software on my new machine, which is a Dell with Windows 10 on it.  I downloaded the same old multi-adapter kit drivers that I had done in the past, but this time the Proxim 8494 adapter was not seen when I launched it.  I looked in the Device Manager and found the dreaded exclamation point.


I remembered back to the CWAP class, and that we had a similar issue.  I tried the “fix” that we had done in class to no avail.  I tried everything that Google told me to do.  Still nothing.  Admitting defeat, I called Netscout support and explained my issue.


It turns out there is a digitally signed driver that will make this problem go away!  The gal on the other end of the conversation pointed out to me that there is a digitally signed driver on the Downloads page.  It doesn’t say “digitally signed” anywhere on the description, but it does state Windows 10.  I downloaded and installed it and it fixed the issue.   The digitally flavored driver to download is the one my red arrow is pointing to.


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  1. I read your post when it was fresh. I stumbled on this link again while searching for something else. Since this appears to be favored by Google it is worth pointing out MS has changed its mind.

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