Friday, June 2, 2017

Converting your 5520 to a 5508 WLAN controller configuration


The goal of this document is to assist you (a Network Engineer that is comfortable navigating your WLAN Controller) in upgrading your WLAN controllers.  In this example, we will migrate from a 5508 WLAN controller to a 5520 WLAN controller.  The operating systems are different, and therefore the commands are as well.

There is an online tool that allows you to backup your existing configuration and run it through a migration tool which will give you the output you need to configure the replacement platform.

That tool can be found here:

The tool will allow you to migrate wireless controllers to or from accross any of these platforms: 2500/5500/7500/8500/WISM2/3650/3850/4500 S8E/5760

In this example, we will need to upload the "show run-config commands" output or TFTP config backup from the 5508.  I'll use the TFTP option.  Start your TFTP server application on your desktop and browse to your WLAN Controller and instruct it to send a backup to your TFTP server.  You will have to use your IP address, not mine, and the naming convention that makes sense to you.  I use the IP address and date.

Your TFTP server should have received the file after a few minutes.  If not, check your firewall on your desktop.


Now browse to the URL mentioned above and the page below should load.  You'll need a CCO login to get to the tool.

Take the file that you received from your WLAN controller via the TFTP server and drag and drop it onto the center of the page where it reads, "Drop file here".

Now you need to look at the drop down above the "Run" button.  You need to select what you are converting from and what you are going to.  It is easy to miss, which is why I mention it.  Translation - I missed it.

Then click Run.  Your config should be below the Run button after you do it.  It might take a little bit of time, so don't panic.

Pay attention to the section that starts with, "Following configurations are encrypted on a 5508; 5520 can't understand them. Please consider reconfiguring them."  You will need those keys to bring your controller into production.


Following configurations are encrypted on a 5508; 5520 can't understand them. Please consider reconfiguring them.


config radius auth add encrypt 4 1812 p <output snipped>

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