Friday, January 18, 2013

Easy way to mount a Cisco 3602 to the wall with off the shelf materials

Here is an option on how to Cisco AIR-CAP3602I-A-K9 access point to a wall from materials you can easily purchase from Home Depot.  (ie, I have done all the homework already)  All for under six dollars.  Check out last screen capture for the receipt.

The access point was designed to be ceiling mounted in carpeted office environments, ten feet above the finished floor.  That said, there are areas that we to provide Wi-Fi coverage to that do not fit the above mentioned description – such as manufacturing, warehouses and older buildings.

In these cases, we have nowhere to mount the access point.  Ceilings may be 30 feet, which is not where we want to install the AP.  In these cases we need to install the AP on a wall, approximately ten feet above the floor.  The AP does not come with a wall mount bracket that will mount it parallel to the floor, so I have come up with an off-the-shelf solution from Home Depot.

The two things from the hardware section.  The first is a 6” Corner Brace bracket, the second is a bag of 8-32x1/2 screws.

The bracket has some holes that almost line up perfectly with a few of the pre-drilled screw holes.  It isn’t perfect, as you can see there is a slight angle, however it fits and looks fine when the AP is installed.



  1. Or you are doing this somewhere it has to look nicer you can use the Oberon Wireless Model 1029-00 Mount

  2. There's a big difference between $68 list price for the Oberon part and the quick and dirty from Home Depot. I usually find that the wall mount locations are ones that are in basements or workshops, not in areas where the aesthetics of the installation are a primary desire.

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