Saturday, April 1, 2017

FCC to reverse rules on Wi-Fi channel space

FCC to reverse rules on Wi-Fi channel space



How to use your Fluke spectrum analyzer with Ekahau ESS

How to use your Fluke AirMagnet Spectrum Adapter with Ekahau ESS!


We all know how expensive it is being a WLAN Engineer.  It costs upwards of 20k to get into this game, so we try to cut expenses whenever we can.  Here's a little known trick that will save you a few bucks.


As most of you know, Ekahau ESS will open up your AirMagnet Site Survey files.  But did you know you can also use your Fluke spectrum adapter with your Ekahau ESS?


You'll need to download the latest version of ESS, which is version 8.8.0, which was released today.

After you downloaded it, check to see the file looks like this:


Install the software - but with this little trick.  You have to hold down the "Airplane Mode" button during the installation of the software.  This tricks the software into bypassing some of the drivers for the AirMagnet adapter, which you will NOT need to install.  In fact, uninstall the drivers on the machine if they are there.

After the installation, plug in the Proxim adapter and Fluke adapter as usual.  Your setup should look just like this: (note, you can only use one Proxim adapter with the Fluke adapter)



Next, configure the Fluke adapter just like you would the Metageek WiSpy DBx adapter.  In fact, you cannot tell the difference in ESS.  The Fluke adapter only works for 5GHz, though.  That should not matter, since 2.4 GHz is dead! 



Now  you can begin using your spectrum analyzer!



This little trick works the same way if you have the older PCMCIA card as well and a laptop with the slot.  Most of us don't have those machines anymore, but if you did, it would be the same installation.


I hope this little trick helps you save a few bucks this April Fool’s Day.